Revolutionizing the process

Media is created, stored and distributed increasingly in various locations around the world while being shared globally. Naturally, also the media asset management needs to follow this glocal distribution model. The unique decentralized edge structure corresponds to the needs of the market and makes the FlowEdge unbeatable.

The FlowEdge changes how Media Asset Management works

The FlowEdge is an unbeatable hybrid media system with a modular and decentralized edge computing setup. It is a seamless combination of cloud-services, the powerful micro-server called the FlowAnt and the industry-proven software created by FlowWorks. FlowWorks has been operating in the market for MAMs (media asset management) since year 2004, manufacturing media asset management software for large companies such as Siemens, Porsche, SAP as well as many international tv broadcasters and channels. With a solid understanding of the market FlowWorks has been working on a solution for the future of media asset management, the FlowEdge. The key component of the FlowEdge system is the Flow Ant, which is a powerful micro-server that basically enables the complete system.

The Flow Ant is an innovative technical solution that offers something unique to the market – a complete solution for managing media – in a highly qualitative but affordable format. For a smaller amount of content and for a smaller team (up to 50 users) the FlowAnt offers all that is needed for an efficient and well-functioning media asset management. Following the principals of large media asset management systems the FlowAnt gives its users full ownership of their media and allows them to distribute it according to need. The Flow Ant stores media on a hard-disc, eliminating the risk for data privacy issues.

Another key difference compared to cloud-based services is the amount of media you can handle as well as the cost structure for doing so. With online services, where you mostly pay a regular fee defined by storage size, the Flow Ant works in the opposite way: you pay a one-time investment when buying the product with which you can manage an unlimited amount of media. The FlowAnt is ready to work on your media and metadata before it is uploaded into the cloud parts, converting the whole workflow of ingesting, managing and distributing the content for any purpose. This accelerates all media communication processes by a factor or 25, all tested AI workflows by at least a factor of 15, enabling you to have your content up and ready in very short time frames. There is nothing comparable on the market.

The FlowAnt is the key component in the broader FlowEdge system, acting as the cloudlet component. The FlowAnt processes the media files before they are uploaded to the cloud. Due to this there are three critical advantages that online systems do not have which make the remarkable difference in efficiency:

1) when a media file is uploaded, from for example a camera, it is directly uploaded to the FlowAnt which automatically transcodes the file to a minimal format. When this file then further is uploaded to the cloud, it is considerably smaller than with alternative transcoding methods. This means the files used for the upload are converted to much smaller needed online formats and processed before the upload from the customer’s location to the online service. This process takes away the need for manual pre-processing, manual transcoding and manual uploading of massive video files.

2) When the file is stored in the cloud it takes less space

3) When the file is shared from the file it again takes less resources to share it further

  1. It is a complete system
  2. industry proven software
  3. GPU accellerated video transcoding
The Flow Ant comes as a complete system - hardware and software and ready installed. This solution has everything to start ingesting and working imediately. The powerfull, but small hardware is able to do its job in small to medium office environments for up to 50 internal and many hundred external users right away.
The Flow Ant features an industry proven media asset management software, complete from ingest, management, editing, project oriented work until the final distribution, including reports and media tracking on external platforms and social media. Its newly designed graphical user interface is very intuitive and easy to understand for all types of users.
The Flow Ant comes with inbuilt Intel GPUs, accellerating your video transcoding up to many hundred frames per second, already in FullHD formats. It also accellerates 4k and UHD formats up to over 100 frames per second. Be ready to distribute your media immediately, not waiting on long transcoding processes, even when you load many hundreds of clips onto it daily. Focus on your creative work, and not the services around it.
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