A modular system

The FlowEdge consists of 7 modules that can be freely combined to design the optimal solution for each customer. Below a short description of each module and its role in the system.


a small sized but full featured standalone media asset management system, or in other words a on-premise micro-server, for 1-50 users, also operating as a cloudlet in the FlowEdge or other globally distributed setups.


an online version of the MAM, hosted in the cloud. Standalone for Cloud setups only, or backup for 24/7 operations, when the cloudlets are not connected.


a connection module for combining Flow modules with heterogenous media and data content, for example in office located in different geographical locations with different media ingests and metadata.


a Flow MAM installation for 20-unlimited users as central media asset management server.


as cloud component for any combination of the above, including online remote Flow MAMs, backup services, Cloud, VOD and CDN distribution hubs and Flow MAM connectors for installations in different geographical locations.


for high volume online distributions hub to web services, VOD services and CDN playouts, enabling to compile media distribution packages from all connected Flow MAM modules into a multi distribution channel with rock solid security, scalability and high volume operations.


a news feed stream which shows real time ingests and metadata of incoming media items. The news module is perfect for editorial teams to see what’s new and actual. By selecting categories or projects, you can also filter your interest or ongoing projects.

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